Lessons Learned

Putting one foot in front of the other continuously seems so simple. But at some point between sweat dripping down your face and your feet hitting the pavement you begin to realize that without running life would be nothing. Running is the closest thing you can get to absolute freedom and if you pay close attention it can teach you the most valuable lessons. Embrace each step you take, and find the beauty in the world around you.

Here are a few things running might teach you:

  1. You are capable of so much more than you have ever imagined
  2. To see beauty in the strangest things you need to first open yourself up.
  3. You are going to fail at some point, everyone is that’s just part of life. 
  4. Getting better at something requires time and effort. This also requires getting out of your comfort zone.
  5. Don’t over think things, you are not going to die. Just breathe.
  6. The days you chose not to run you will regret the most. However, please do take a day off your body needs to recover. 
  7. Some of your best runs will be the ones you were not planning to go on.
  8. You are never alone. But you are alone. There will come a time when you have to make decisions completely on your own.  
  9. Runners high is a real thing! Once you feel it there is no stopping.
  10. To enjoy the process because life is short and someday your body will not be able to do what it can do now. It’s all about the journey not the destination.

There will be life lessons wherever you go, just be open to finding them. Running will allow you to dig deep and learn more about yourself. For me it’s an escape from reality, a time to be completely disconnected, and to be honest a time when I am truly happy. Find something that makes you happy!

Daily Challenge: Sign up for a race! Whether it’s a 5k or a full marathon! Set a goal for yourself and get after it! Here is to the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!


Are you up for this challenge? I would love to hear about any of your upcoming races or your past favorites you have completed!

Run with purpose.


Haleigh Salemi


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