A Rule or Two

Here is the thing; I am starting this blog as a way to bring you along on my daily runs. I receive some of the craziest looks when I tell people “I just ran ten miles.” The conversation usually goes on with them asking “How?” “Why?”or “I wish I could do that.” Well I now invite you on my journey. There are just a few rules we need to go over first.

  1. Leave your negativity at home. No one likes being around a “negative Nancy.” If you are not the one running, why are you complaining?
  2. Lets not judge. I realize when I said “I ran ten miles” you immediately started judging me and I do not care. I care more about what I am going to have for dinner after this run than what you think of me. But lets keep the comments to yourself.
  3. We do not compare ourselves to other runners. Everyone is different and we need to embrace that. There will be times when you pass someone and times when someone will pass you. That’s just life.
  4. Breaks are ok. Everyone needs a break at some point, some more than others and there is nothing wrong with that.
  5. Mix things up. Change up your route or work in sprints. Doing something different will hopefully get you out of your comfort zone!
  6. Talk to yourself. The thing you might need most to keep going could be a little self-motivation. Encourage yourself to keep going! You can do it!
  7. Push yourself. It won’t get easier you will just get stronger. Go that extra mile, don’t give yourself an excuse not to. Take every step that you can and then take one more.
  8. Lets have some fun! I can’t speak for everyone but for me running makes me happy. It makes life a little easier because for some crazy reason exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.

Now that you know the rules lets lace up those shoes and lets go. I am excited to take you along on this journey with me! Everyone knows life is better when you are running.

Run with purpose.






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